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It's okay. I'm black, too.

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"HERE, we are crunk. we sometimes wear fubu, but not really. we like indie music and pad thai, but we'll still fuck you up. we are black on the inside & the outside, and although some of us may sound white on the phone, we're still able to break you off in the club, decipher what the ying yang twins say, watch Girlfriends on UPN and are anticipating 6-10.

you know what 6-10 is. we can do math & date white boys, BUT DON'T MISTAKE LIKE WE WON'T RUN UPSIDE YO' MUTHAFUKKIN' HED, BOYYEEEE"


Disclaimer: oreos is NOT our sister/brother community. negroclash has nothing to do with oreos whatsoever. These two communities are nothing alike.

A Brief History of negroclash
Negrolash Was founded in February 2004 By Erin and I. We wanted a community for scene black kids to meet other scene black kids on the internet. (If you don't know what scene is than you might wanna think twice about joining.) NC is a community, a collective of awesome kids who we have come to even consider a family. We post our rants/raves/joys/frustrations etc. We don't want NC to be like every other black livejournal community-it's different because we are different-and we like being different.

1. Personal attacks will result in a ban. Yes we have favorites but we are also civil and anyone who wants to be a catty asshole on the internet can do so elsewhere. If you have a problem with anything-contact a mod.
2. LJ-cut is your friend! Especially if it's not work safe.
3. No intro posts-we don't care what you are mixed with-or how you never fit in. We know what it's like-just join and post!
4. No goodbye posts-Everytime someone leaves NC our heart just aches a little-okay not really.
5. NO DRAMA this is impossible but please make an effort and don't act like you aint got not home trainin'.
6. It's the Internet-have fun!

Your mods:
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breniecia Breniecia

yesternight Erin

Other communities:

( If you want your community to be advertised, contact one of us )
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