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Is this news?

A few years ago when actress Angelina Jolie announced she’d be adopting a 6-month-old girl from Africa, I had mixed emotions. I’ve always thought Jolie was one of the flyest chicks in the Hollywood game, but interracial adoptions can be a tricky thing no matter how fly you are.
I’d heard the horror stories around Hollywood about the adopted black children of white movie stars becoming incredibly confused about their backgrounds. For instance, during an interview with Oprah Winfrey a few years ago; Tom Cruise said his interracial son, Conner, was not a color, so the family didn’t discuss race...

Serious business article about Zahara's hair and how Angelina Jolie doesn't get black people

I can't believe Newsweek is reporting on a 4 year old's hair, good lord.

Personally, I hated having my hair done when I was a kid. I dreaded it all weekend, shit sucked. I would let my kid wear there hair down. Maybe girlfriend just has dry ass hair?
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