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Favorite Lil B video [Friday 12.24.10 @ 6:20pm]

Here are favorites from the rap industries number one troll.

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HI! [Tuesday 11.23.10 @ 5:19pm]

HAHAHAH I signed into this after like 3 years! WHAT UP FOOLS!!

Just wanna say I met some really cool people thanks to this community the ones I still talk to what up!

Those that I dont Hit me up man!!
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"Top Billin'" [Friday 06.11.10 @ 12:48am]


I made a remix of Audio Two's "Top Billin'" (1987).

The music track is uploaded here (mp3).

I set it to imagery of genetic material.
The child actors are kinda awesomely awkward :)
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[Sunday 04.25.10 @ 11:14pm]

come to yo spot wit the trash bag i'm gooned out
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Not sure why this song is so catchy [Saturday 03.20.10 @ 12:58am]


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Inspiration Please! [Sunday 01.10.10 @ 10:17pm]

Hey ya'll.

I posted this over at 2amtomorning:

I'm in desperate need of some inspiration. Please post the song/video/image/whatever that has inspired your creativity in the past! Nothing is off limits, the more obscure the better!

And while the replies I got were earnest, they didn't help much. A lot of soothing tracks/ hipster stuff. I'm usually fueled by more eclectic, rhythmic music, creepy and vibrant artwork. Plz no sepia-toned photographs of sullen white girls!
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at least he's got a sense of humor about it :) [Friday 01.01.10 @ 7:21am]


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[Tuesday 11.24.09 @ 3:03am]

How have you grown in the past five years?
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Wah-wah loop [Tuesday 10.27.09 @ 1:38pm]

I just thought I might introduce myself in the hopes of stirring some activity up here.

I'm Bri, I'm 21, and I'm a student at a small lib arts school in Illinois. I'm a psychology major going into adolescent counseling. I'm half-black and half-white.

I look like this:



And that's my boyfriend. We're in somewhat of a band, a techno band, called Chrome Box Alpha right now. As you can see, I'm super light-skinned.

I like listening to The Smiths, The Cure, Black Kids, Nirvana, Garbage, the Distillers, Placebo, Pink Floyd, David Bowie, T. Rex, and MGMT, among other things.

At my school, there is 8% African-Americans, but there aren't any black alt kids, maybe one, but she may just like wearing yellow.
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Is this news? [Tuesday 10.13.09 @ 11:38pm]

A few years ago when actress Angelina Jolie announced she’d be adopting a 6-month-old girl from Africa, I had mixed emotions. I’ve always thought Jolie was one of the flyest chicks in the Hollywood game, but interracial adoptions can be a tricky thing no matter how fly you are.
I’d heard the horror stories around Hollywood about the adopted black children of white movie stars becoming incredibly confused about their backgrounds. For instance, during an interview with Oprah Winfrey a few years ago; Tom Cruise said his interracial son, Conner, was not a color, so the family didn’t discuss race...

Serious business article about Zahara's hair and how Angelina Jolie doesn't get black people

I can't believe Newsweek is reporting on a 4 year old's hair, good lord.

Personally, I hated having my hair done when I was a kid. I dreaded it all weekend, shit sucked. I would let my kid wear there hair down. Maybe girlfriend just has dry ass hair?
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Jay Z a part of the new world order? [Thursday 09.24.09 @ 9:45pm]

Today; The Game. Tommorow; THE WORLD!

I gotta admit I couldnt watch all of these. Theres only so much stupidity a person can take before you actually start to get physically ill.
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Black People Talkin [Friday 09.18.09 @ 12:23am]

[ mood | satisfied ]

Kandrea Ellis: yea dude yea, so im gonna get indian hair sewed in
Kandrea Ellis: that shit looks BEAUTIFUL
dorian_pierre: But you aint indian.
Kandrea Ellis: i dont give a fuck
Kandrea Ellis: im not synthetic either
Kandrea Ellis: but imma glue that shit in lol
dorian_pierre: LOL
dorian_pierre: Synthetic? Is that a nationality?
Kandrea Ellis: as much as black girls wear it it should be
Kandrea Ellis: shyyyyte
dorian_pierre: LOL


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Black People Talkin [Monday 09.14.09 @ 11:00pm]

[ mood | full ]

We're talkin about....the performance of "Run This Town" on Jay Leno if you're wondering.

dorian_pierre: Channel 8
dorian_pierre: Now!
dorian_pierre: Screw that.
dorian_pierre: Woah.....buddy
Kandrea Ellis: i want to lick her leg
dorian_pierre: I want to wrap my arms around her waist.
dorian_pierre: While wearing her heels.
Kandrea Ellis: the head piece is hot
Kandrea Ellis: i like how we're not paying attention to anyone else
dorian_pierre: Hahahaha
Kandrea Ellis: b/c jay z copies biggie and kanye is a douche
dorian_pierre: Kanye who?
dorian_pierre: He dun fucked up.
Kandrea Ellis: oh the drunk motherfucker?
Kandrea Ellis: i forgot he was on this song
dorian_pierre: Yeah that guy.
dorian_pierre: Me too
dorian_pierre: Is that him w/ the shades?
Kandrea Ellis: hiding from the camera
Kandrea Ellis: because he's still hung over
Kandrea Ellis: yes
dorian_pierre: He's great though.
dorian_pierre: I can't even hate right now.
Kandrea Ellis: you gotta continue to be great
Kandrea Ellis: if you're gonna mess up constantly

Oh and I wanted to let you guys know I'm 16weeks pregnant and I just found out I'm having a boy.


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Kanye West Does Not Care About White People [Sunday 09.13.09 @ 10:16pm]

[ mood | curious ]

If you're watching the VMA's you're aware of the burn that Kanye gave to Taylor for winning an award.

Kanye had to get on stage when no one asked him to.


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Black People Talkin [Friday 09.11.09 @ 9:25pm]

[ mood | pregnant ]

Kandrea: Glenn Beck is crazy.

Dorian: He is?

Kandrea: Yes, ya know today is 9/11.

Dorian: I didnt know that.

Kandrea: Yea...and I like to watch the news networks to see who cares more. So I was switching back and forth between MSNBC and FOX because I like the contrast between the two. And Glenn was crying.

Dorian: Why?

Kandrea: Because we still haven't rebuilt the twin towers.

Dorian: Yea dude there's just a hole that people go look at....but does that nigga not realize we're in a recession?

Kandrea: I dont know dude.

Dorian: You know when they'll rebuild the twin towers?

Kandrea: When?

Dorian: When we're both 40yrs old, smoking, sitting on a porch, holding a hookah with 50 marijuana plants growing in the back yard legally and America is taxing the FUCK out of it.


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not a youtube post [Thursday 09.03.09 @ 1:23am]

Appreciate live music.

Who have you seen this year? Who will you be seeing in the near future? Are you in a band yourself/do you play live music? Who are you dying to see live? Best/worst concert you've ever been to?

click meCollapse )

Reply if you haven't abandoned this place. Gold stars awarded if you include pictures.
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Black People Talkin (on aim) [Wednesday 09.02.09 @ 11:49pm]

[ mood | Black ]

IIDorianIl: Chris Brown is mad at Oprah because she said if he hits you once. He will hit you again.
imoshformtv: Chris Brown....SHUT SHUT SHUT THE HELL UP
imoshformtv: what you gonna do slam Oprahs head into a car door?
imoshformtv: shit
imoshformtv: shut the fuck up
imoshformtv: god
imoshformtv: Be mad at yourself because you ruined your career, how bout dat?
IIDorianIl: Word.
IIDorianIl: LOL


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When will you get the picture? [Monday 08.31.09 @ 3:19pm]

[ mood | geeky ]


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Black People Talkin [Sunday 08.30.09 @ 1:59pm]

[ mood | content ]

Dorian: You always post stuff in Negroclash

Kandrea: Yea I know, because they dont care.


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Black People Talkin [Tuesday 08.25.09 @ 1:50pm]

[ mood | awake ]

Kandrea: Taye Diggs has really good moisterized skin.

Dorian: You wanna know why?

Kandrea: Why?

Dorian: Cuz he's a rich nigga. And he got money fa good lotions and stuff.


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