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Black People Talkin

We're talkin about....the performance of "Run This Town" on Jay Leno if you're wondering.

dorian_pierre: Channel 8
dorian_pierre: Now!
dorian_pierre: Screw that.
dorian_pierre: Woah.....buddy
Kandrea Ellis: i want to lick her leg
dorian_pierre: I want to wrap my arms around her waist.
dorian_pierre: While wearing her heels.
Kandrea Ellis: the head piece is hot
Kandrea Ellis: i like how we're not paying attention to anyone else
dorian_pierre: Hahahaha
Kandrea Ellis: b/c jay z copies biggie and kanye is a douche
dorian_pierre: Kanye who?
dorian_pierre: He dun fucked up.
Kandrea Ellis: oh the drunk motherfucker?
Kandrea Ellis: i forgot he was on this song
dorian_pierre: Yeah that guy.
dorian_pierre: Me too
dorian_pierre: Is that him w/ the shades?
Kandrea Ellis: hiding from the camera
Kandrea Ellis: because he's still hung over
Kandrea Ellis: yes
dorian_pierre: He's great though.
dorian_pierre: I can't even hate right now.
Kandrea Ellis: you gotta continue to be great
Kandrea Ellis: if you're gonna mess up constantly

Oh and I wanted to let you guys know I'm 16weeks pregnant and I just found out I'm having a boy.

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